Rosinante reached 100.000 km (March 2023)

Rosinante reached her first 100.000 km!

I was thinking how many kilometers I would drive and live in her during the next years. Maybe we can make it to the 1.000.000 km?

I thought about the route we already took and decided to make it available here.

While offroading her steering alignment had become crooked (again) and so I had an mechanic in the southern part of Cyprus check it. In his opinion so bushings of the front wheels were used up and needed to be replaced. I don’t remember what their offer for replacing and the spare parts was, but it was super high.

Because of this, I bought the spare parts on the southern part and went to a car garage in the northern part to have them replaced. In the end I’m not sure if they really had to be changed. Being no expert in these things I find it hard to know. But I learned a lot about communicating and interacting with the mechanics.

Another topic was Rosinante’s hand brake. Even tightening it to its maximum did not make it work very well. The mechanics opinion was that the pads of the rear brake needed to be replaced. So I got the spare parts in the south and asked some mechanics to replace them. But when actually checking the pads we found out that they were still in good shape. That taught me some more about how to deal with car issues.