Big rocks, rare footprints and geography

After Christmas I went to a very special holidays to the Teutoburg Forest and Sauerland with a very special friend and we had much fun visiting friends, special sites, nature and cooking outside.

We found some weird footprints in the forests and even weirder holes or something like that in some rocks. Interesting… 🤔

The big rocks made me curious about how rocks and mountain are formed etc. There are some pretty interesting and good videos on the YouTube channel of CrashCourse about these topics.

Winter christmas wonderland Harz mountains

The first real winter landscapes with lots of snow and temperatures around-10 degrees celsius. I really enjoyed these days and landscapes.

In my experience temperature’s colder than -5 degrees celsius can really change the living in a car. Of course I’m using the diesel heater in there cabin of Rosinante more if it gets colder. What is more different parts of Rosinante can get frozen: the water in the additional waterproof canisters mounted to the outside of the cabin, windshield wipers, doors, fuel filters, locks… It’s always good to take care of everything made of rubber.

Visiting my friends and family for the last time for several years felt weird. When I normally say good bye to someone I meet, I’m not thinking much about it. It’s just it and we will meet again sometime soon or later. But this time it will be much later.