An unexpected dinner with new friends (March 2023)

I kept in touch with Cindy (the climber Isa and Arne had connected me with). Our conversations were always nice, fun and interesting. When she asked me to join for a dinner with her and some friends I was happy to join them.

We had a nice time together and it was super interesting to get to know her in person.

And at that dinner I met Zdenko for the first time. He was traveling with his tricycle for a long time and currently working in a restaurant with his Indian co-workers.

I would have loved to spend more time with Cindy and Zdenko but the next day I had to leave and go to the northern part of Cyprus to renew Rosinante’s customs permission, check Rosinante’s steering alignment and be able to get back to Akamas for joining an online Sesshin with Bright Way Zen.