Take this incredible swing out of a cave over a 50m high cliff in Sveri Georgia (July 2023)

The nice guy managing the Sveri Adventure Camp and who had bolted most of the climbing routes in Georgia had built a Via Ferrata as well.

And this one is absolutely awesome! I’m sorry for spoiling this incredible swing to you but I have to.

When we started the Via Ferrata, we did not know what to expect and then the surprises were just mind blowing!

It started with an ordinary ladder and a beautiful view. Then some trunks on which you can balance on and some walking close to the cliff.

So far, so good. But then the first big surprise: a big and interesting cave you can explore.

And then close to the end: THE SWING!

We never experienced something like this before. This swing is fixed to the five meter high roof of a cave that opens up to a 50 meter deep cliff. When you swing in it, you swing over the edge of that cliff!

It was amazing!

Really, you have to go there.

Here is the location of the Via Ferrata.

A double rainbow and … (January 2023)

I continued my way to Cyprus and the day after the storm, I had been at a nice beach. Because it was pretty crisp, I was in Rosinante at that evening. I just wanted to pee and felt like going out and not using Rosinante’s toilet. So I put my jacket on, went into the rain and saw that crazy double rainbow. And then I turned my head and saw that wonderful sunset 🥰🤩✨🌈☀️