One final reason to stay on Cyprus? (April 2023)

After the Teletubbies-garden I went again to the southern part. Some people of the talking circle community were planning to do a nice two day hike on which we would sleep for one night in one of the many abounded villages on Cyprus. Sounds awesome, right?

One day in advance I met one of them and she showed me a super nice beach where we stayed and had such a nice time together. I don’t know for sure what activities are appropriate in abounded ruins of little chapels but I guess some that are a lot of fun may be more inappropriate than others.

The next day it was raining so the hike got cancelled. Instead of the hike, we visited the land of one of the talking circle. It was a super nice and beautiful place in nature. With a lot of animals, plants and clever ideas. We talked, cooked, watched the stars and spent a wonderful time together.

I was feeling that the connection between me and her was super nice, harmonic and exciting and in the next weeks we met several times. I’d say that different things we experienced in our lives were pretty bounding and I loved her for being straight forward and some more private reasons.

But this time, I felt very clear that I would continue my travels at some point. Back in Bulgaria, I was feeling different about that. There I felt that even staying in Bulgaria would have been an option. What is more, I did not want to say something like “I’ll continue at some point. Could be tomorrow or in a year”. It felt unfair to me.

So I did my best to communicate that I’ll continue in about four weeks. I was in a mood of “experiencing everything as long as it lasts” and  although she understood that, she did not feel like that. Joining me in my travels or continuing our relationship on Cyprus as long as I would stay there were no options for her as well and so we ended our relationship before it really had started. Although I felt so connected with her, I felt ok with that

Rituals, jamming, an awesome community and new friends (April 2023)

After the hike, I met Lowen again, and together we went to a full moon ritual at the Aphrodite’s Rock on Cyprus.

It was super fun and an interesting and profound experience. We meditated, jammed with drums and a whole lot of other instruments, had interesting conversations and a lot of fun. The atmosphere was amazing and very open and kind. It was just lovely.

The next day we met Timea and Roses, who had slept at the beach, at the still burning bonfire and together we decided to head to the other side of Cyprus to attend a community meeting of some alternative people who seemed to be a lot into ecology and open ways to organize their group. On the way after signing along to a lot of songs, we did a walk to a waterfall.

After that we spent one night at another beach and went to the meeting of the community. They call themselves “The Talking Circle” and this meeting was super exciting! They are quite a big group and meet frequently to learn from one another, organize and most importantly: having fun and growing and healing together.

The members were quite diverse and that made it even more interesting. The core of their organizational structure is a talking circle: everyone (who likes to) gathers in a circle a stick gets passed from one to the other and who has the stick may talk. Sounds a bit like “Waldorf Schule” (a famous alternative schooling concept from Germany whose name gets sometimes abused to describe when something seems to be alien and maybe so much good willing that nothing will ever result from it 😁) and too much in a certain way but I loved it a lot.

They are doing different meetings for different topics: they have an art, an sustainable agriculture and the main group. If you are interested, take a look at their website and contact them.

We had awesome days there and hanging around and living with this open and respectful community made me think if it would be nice for me to stay at a place like this. In a community like this. With lovely people like this.

I mean, what’s the deal about all this traveling anyway?