Rosinante needs a recovery (June 2023)

Ani continued her journey and took the mountain pass we had taken before we met her.

Cindy and I wanted to go to a waterfall. On Google Maps the road leading there looked like a proper road. On Open Street Maps it looked different and a bit off-roady.

We decided to give it a try and quickly ended up in a famous off-road track. Rosinante did very well going up the small mountain on the very rocky track with a lot of stone steps.

Once we reached the upper part of the mountain, the track turned into a field of mud. Several cars already got stuck there and so did we with Rosinante. The first time, we managed to get her free on our own. The second time we asked somebody else to pull us out. After that we decided to park Rosinante at a nice spot and walk the rest of the way to the lake.

Suddenly while walking the track, Cindy recognized that she had lost her phone. We went back and looked hard for it. And we found it. It was just lying on a big metal pipe we had crossed before. And to both sides of the pipe there was water but the phone was just lying there in the only dry spot of the pipe. Several off-road cars must have crossed the pipe as well, but we just could pick it up again.

The lake was very beautiful and on the way there we saw one of the old UAZ Buchanka you can see often in Georgia. I love them.

First real life recovery of Rosinante

This was my first near desaster situation so far with Rosinante 🙃

The photos and videos can’t show how bad this situation was.

And maybe we were at a place where we weren’t allowed to be. I’m not sure.

And it started getting dark.

But I didn’t panic. I was very excited but still calm and concentrated ☯

But I didn’t manage to make proper photos or videos… Maybe next time.

What will be the next 4×4 adventure?I’m ready for it 🥳