What does really matter, a steel Rosinante, her friends and art (August 2022)

I continued my journey and went to the museum “house of humour and satire” in Gabrovo. I had seen some of the illustrations they had there at the big “stone man monument” you saw in one of the last posts. I had liked these illustrations and so I went to the museum.

Arriving at the museum, the first pieces of art I saw were the metal Rosinante and her friends. I had a good laugh at that. I love these coincidences/ foreordinations or whatever you would like to call them.

The museum is awesome and I strongly recommend visiting it. There were a lot of interesting, inspiring, beautiful, and a little disturbing pieces and I loved how they were stimulating my mind and soul: entertaining and opening new perspectives.

At the picnic area, the UFO and at that time in the museum and after, I once again started to think about what realy matters. I mean in the way of: what do I want to contribute to this world? Do I want to contribute something in an focused like the ordinary work is? Would I like to produce another product for the markets? Something that promises happiness, sustainability, liberation like all the stuff you can buy, rent or book? Another coaching service? Another “do this and you feel better”-whatever?

I concluded that I don’t want to produce just another product. Not something that I have to make myself believe in. From my perspective at that time, producing food resources and art (including literature, music, etc.) and helping each other in life are the things that mattered. Food keeps human bodies alive, art is a form of help and both keep human souls alive.

Athens, the Akropolis and some crazy beautiful sculptures

After Rosinante got fixed, I visited Athens in mid-May 2022. Like before in Corinth, I just couldn’t pass the Akropolis. And like before, I felt like I’m at the wrong place.

With the Park4Night app, I found a paid parking near a pretty restaurant and right next to the Akropolis. The last time I paid for parking was in Austria but I found the location of that place so cool and wanted to make sure that Rosiante was kind of secure. I think, that I’m not a very anxious person but in the big cities, I’m always a little more defensive. I liked how the parking managers made sure that as many cars as possible go into the parking: they kept the keys for most of the cars and drove them out of the way if someone parked up wanted to leave. It’s been like these games where you are only allowed to push one piece at a time and there is always only one space not occupied.

The Akropolis was nice to visit but for some reason, it didn’t catch me. I have been thinking if the human-made stuff just doesn’t interest me as much as natural phenomena do. But that doesn’t seem to be the case: right now (end of July 2022), I’m writing this post sitting in front of something human-made, that absolutely catches me. You will see in one of the next posts. It’s so awesome!

As I’ve been walking through the cute and lovely alleys in Athens, I found some awesome sculptures made by an artist called Yanni Souvatzoglou. Here, have a look at his stuff. Most of the time, I’m not much into sculptures and paintings, but these ones are still extraordinarily appealing to me. I guess, they are reminding me of my mother and the funny and sometimes crazy stuff she used to put in her garden and house as decorations. Among those things were severed doll heads, a Batman action figure with fluffy angel wings, and a crazy lot more.

What is more, I see them as a great projection of the Buddhist principle of Duhkha and therefore about human existence and life. Here is the Wikipedia article about Dukkha and if you want to get into it, try these magnificent podcast episodes and articles: The Zen Studies Podcast.