Mega sightseeing marathon in Tbilisi (September 2023)

In Tbilisi, Anja, a friend of Cindy came visiting us. It was super nice to get to know a friend of Cindy from Germany, from her “previous life” and we had a lot of fun.

We had a lot of fun and were living together for three days in a small apartment in the city.

We did a whole lot of sightseeing! It was a marathon and Anja and Cindy did not seem to get tired. I guess, we did see mostly all the main sightseeing sites in these three days.

My favorite sites were: the “rocket” (radio tower which is illuminated in changing colors by night), the Chronicles of Georgia (which are just crazy) and the “mother ship” (Trinity Cathedral).

And of course the awesome Georgian food we had and the escape rooms we did!

Climbing in Tbilisi and loosing the skin from my hands (September 2023)

After Serpentine had left, Racki and I went to the climbing area in the Botanical Gardens of Tbilisi.

The routes there were pretty much used and  interesting: most of them were top rope routes and instead of anchors to put your rope around, they have big metal pipes which are around twenty meters above the routes. So you have to walk up with your rope, throw it around the pipe and walk down again.

We did some climbing there, but it was not our favorite climbing crag but I used my super awesome new climbing shoes for the first time.

A friend of Cindy had given them to me for free and Serpentine had brought them from Germany. They were tied but awesome!

And my hands transformed into real climbing hands by losing all their upper skin layer. Or it was just my alien dinosaur skin renewing itself.

See the climbing area on The Crag.