Two peppers and a tomato for a tattoo (May 2023)

Julia, the elderly woman from the last post told me a lot about her life and it was always exciting. At some point she started to connect me with her daughter Gogo because she had the opinion that Gogo should accompany me on my travels. Sometimes the strength of her opinions was pretty funny.

But when she told me that Gogo was a tattoo artist, I thought that it could be fun to meet her and maybe listen to some episodes of Julia’s and Gogo’s life from Gogo’s perspective. As I had imagined, their perspectives turned out to be very different. Sometimes these differences were funny, sometimes tragic.

Gogo and I had great conversations and together we visited friends of her and talked about different directions for her future life. She had a whole lot of ideas.

And one day she tattooed me an Enzo on my arm. Something I had been thinking about from time to time. The payment was extraordinary: two peppers and one tomato.

Building, repairing and a lot of fun (May 2023)

I went back to the nice little beach in southern Cyprus and just hung around when a nice elderly woman came along with her very chilled little dog. We had a little chat about farming and building things and she invited me to her place just a few hundred meters away from the beach.

The next day I visited her and after having a delicious meal I started repairing and building things with her. We had a lot of fun and there was always plenty to be repaired.

We talked about life and mostly everything and had a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the repairing and building with just little supplies. It felt much more free to me because doing a perfect job was not the goal. The goal was just to make things work again with the supplies that were available.

After a couple of days Amos and Miquel joined us and Miquel and I started repairing some more things. Another day Lowen came along as well and it was super nice to spend some time together.