Old friendships can be healing and Akamas love (March 2023)

One of my best friends from Germany came visiting me on Cyprus and we had a wonderful time. Before Serpentine arrived, I had already visited a lot of Cyprus and of course I had to show her Akamas.

From the first moment on I felt super happy for being with someone I really knew. It just felt good, somehow stabilizing and of course we had a lot of fun. It felt as if we hadn’t seen each other in months.

We did some hiking, went swimming, chilled, enjoyed nature and freedom and collected a whole lot of sea salt directly from the rocks.

Instant love for Akamas on Cyprus (February 2023)

In Turkey I had been happy once I had found this awesome nature beach near Datca. After a pretty crowded coast in Turkey it had been the first real nature place.

On Cyprus I felt something similar when I found Akamas (see on Google Maps). This area is just awesome and wonderful and still my favorite on Cyprus.

Rosinante and I had some fun driving the tracks in Akamas which tend to be pretty steep, rocky and sometimes adventurous. The locals call one part of them “devil’s steps”. And it’s one of the rare places where I did not find any pure street Cars of the locals.

I felt very good to be back in nature, enjoyed the hiking, swimming, nature and the straight forward warning signs: “DO NOT TOUCH ANY MILITARY DEBRIS. IT MAY EXPLODE AND KILL YOU”.