Building, repairing and a lot of fun (May 2023)

I went back to the nice little beach in southern Cyprus and just hung around when a nice elderly woman came along with her very chilled little dog. We had a little chat about farming and building things and she invited me to her place just a few hundred meters away from the beach.

The next day I visited her and after having a delicious meal I started repairing and building things with her. We had a lot of fun and there was always plenty to be repaired.

We talked about life and mostly everything and had a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the repairing and building with just little supplies. It felt much more free to me because doing a perfect job was not the goal. The goal was just to make things work again with the supplies that were available.

After a couple of days Amos and Miquel joined us and Miquel and I started repairing some more things. Another day Lowen came along as well and it was super nice to spend some time together.

Welcome to the Teletubby-sustainability-garden (April 2023)

After the coast, I went to a very special garden: Umut’s garden.

At that little, colorful and vibrant place I met a lot of nice people and spent an awesome time with especially Amos, Sabriye, and Miquel. Together we planted, built, repaired, watered and had a lot of fun!

After spending such a good time with the talking circle community, it felt super nice to spend this  time at the garden with even more lovely people. I thought that maybe staying at a place like this and working directly in and with nature would be a nice thing to do.

We did so many funny and interesting things: Amos and I played around with the old clothes that were stored at that place and had such a silly time. Miquel and I did a huge minimization project: we took everything out of their camper, sorted it, reduced it and moved it back in. It was super fun. Who needs twelve different hammers?