Hi, I’m Benni and I’m living a worldwide nomadic life in a 4×4 (called Rosinante) full of adventures of any kind.

This blog is the main place where I’m sharing and documenting what I am experiencing and thinking while overlanding and adventuring the world.
These adventures will be mainly about nature, thoughts and feelings, overlanding and offroading (list of all topics) and I think the topics will constantly changing a bit.

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benni.rosinante stands for me “Benni” and “Rosinante” the Toyota Hilux offroad pickup with an Das Fernweh-Mobil camper cabin on her back in which I’m living.
Rosinante is named after the martian corvette-class light frigate in the novel series “The Expanse“. And this spaceship in the novels is named after the horse with the name “Rocinante” of Don Quixote. Because I don’t like the pronunciation of the English Rocinante, I take the German Rosinante (it sounds like this).
And there is even more about this name including inferior horses, philosophy and some other guy who was overlanding with his Rosinante some time ago. Maybe I will write something about that in the future.

Right now I’m using this blog, my instagram and youtube profile. But I’d say that the interesting stuff will happen on this blog.