An amazing waterfall hike in Georgia (July 2023)

We visited some other places and then went into the direction of the Kaghu Waterfall (see it on Google Maps). We found a nice camp spot next to the big river away from the main tourist spot.

It turned out that Anni had just found a camp spot a few hundred meters away from us. The next day we went for a waterfall hike. It was absolutely beautiful and the weather was perfect.

On our way we met a grumpy looking but very nice dog and his dog friends, a friendly guy who was living on a hut and then we found a nice swing. It was installed next to a slope and it was awesome to swing over the highest point of the slope.

After that we went to the actual waterfalls and found. We followed a tiny path on Open Street Maps and found a super nice pond in the river of one of the waterfalls. We took a very refreshing bath and made beautiful nude. No, I won’t share them.

We continued our way and came to the biggest waterfall of the tour. It was very impressive and wet. After that the tour went through jungle terrain and we had to cross the river four or five times. Sometimes the cold water was as deep as our hips.

In the end we reached the main tourist spot which, in comparison to all the other things we’ve seen, was kind of boring.

Just before we reached our camp spot, we met a sheep so pregnant it could nearly roll. When we met her, she just lay down and could not stand up on her own. The owner just came along and pushed her up on her tiny legs. So hopefully she will give birth very soon.

Here is our tour on Komoot.

Meeting the loveliest family, a stone man, a real man, a wooden bird, real insects, a waterfall, the water itself and feelings (July 2022)

After another hike near the meadow of horses and meerkats, I restocked my food supplies and drove about 50 km to the next home. On the way, I stopped at that big rock man. Monuments like that are pretty common and to me, they feel a bit weird. Maybe because they are so heroic. I don’t know…

The next home was a picnic and barbeque area. A really big one with a soccer field, multiple levels, a playground, and everything else.

Most of the time, I was in solitude but on the weekend other people came along and I met this wonderful and lovely family! They were just gorgeous and we spent some time together. Went together for a swim in the nearby river and had dinner together. The grandmother (not in the photo) tried hard to feed me with all their homemade and super delicious food and we had a great time. The daughter mostly translated my English into Turkish and partly Bulgarian and it was awesome to have this time with them.

The other day, a Sunday, the place got crowded. It had been very quite and relaxed and out of nowhere two small transporter arrived next to Rosinante. Out of the transporter jumped about twenty children and from there on it was a colorful and vivid place. Soon some more guys joint with their horses and cars. One guy drove his VW Golf through some trees over crazy roots to play, what I should learn later was, Bulgarian gypsy style music as loud as possible. It was like in a movie for me.

The other day, I did a hike and met a super nice Bulgarian. We did most of our hikes together until our paths took different directions. It was super nice as well to hike with someone again and to talk about the Bulgarian culture and living in this country.

Despite the company of the lovely people I met, I started to feel somehow lonely at that time. In the beginning, I felt kind of left behind. And started craving for connecting with other people. Now, in retrospective that appears pretty clear to me, but at that time, I was just confused. I even installed dating apps to get to know someone. I felt somehow underfucked as well… Maybe one thing that called these feelings inside of me had the time together with Michele. For me it’s life is different when I have someone around me most of the time. And maybe that contrast of being mostly in solitude again let something pop up inside of me. I never felt really bad or sad, but I was somehow unsatisfied with something. I meditated as usual an it was interesting to observe these feelings.