Sightseeing marathon around Kutaisi with Racki’s mother and her husband (September 2023)

Racki’s mother and her husband visited us and rented a small apartment in Kutaisi.

This was the start of the craziest sightseeing marathon I ever did. We visited multiple sites a day! And they were for twelve days in Georgia!

So we mostly visited all the attractions in and around Kutaisi.

One day I took a break and repaired my laptop because it was super expensive to have it fixed in Georgia.

The elderly couple was not getting tired of visiting all these places. When we tried to visit a cave, the husband fell down and just when we had stopped him from rolling down a slope, Cindy’s mother fell down as well. They got some abrasions and big bruises, but their spirit of discovery was unbroken!

Although I would never do a marathon like this on my own, we had a lot of fun and we saw a lot of interesting and beautiful places.