Yolo found a new friend, a new home and a big gang of cows (June 2023)

Yolo was doing very well after Cindy had saved her from starving a couple of weeks ago. Taking her with us was not really an option and so Cindy said that maybe we would find a new home for her at some point.

During our time at that nice spot at Van Lake, every day a young cow shepherd came along. He was a very nice guy and loved playing around with Yolo. Sometimes Yolo was even running around with him while he was taking care of the cows.

After some days we thought that maybe he would be a good friend for Yolo and asked him if he would like to keep her once we left. He got excited about that and after we made clear that we wanted a really nice home and friend for Yolo and that he would have to take care of her for a long time, we left Yolo with him and the gang of cows he was taking care of.

It was a bit sad to leave Yolo because we had such a great time with her. But at the same time it felt absolutely right to leave her with the nice shepherd to have a proper home and family.