What a mountain: the Ararat, and where does this shepherd came from? (Juni 2023)

After Van Lake, we went to the Ararat Mountain. What a mountain it is! I’ve never seen one like that before. It just looks so impressive and majestic. I can’t describe it and the photos can’t deliver it. It’s just a huge mountain in between nothing.

We parked Thor and Rosinante at its foot and just enjoyed looking at it. One day we went up as far as we could without crampons or snowshoes but turned back when a thunderstorm approached. But still we had a super good time going up and down.

And even in the most isolated places, where you don’t see anybody else for hours, when you start to have sex outside, a shepherd appears from nowhere and asks for fire 🤣

And I love to make some dust with Rosinante. I don’t know why, but I just have to. And the small dirt road down from the Aragats is perfect for it 😁

Oh, and if you want to go there as well, go to this spot: see it on Google Maps. The other road more to the east is located on a military restricted area and you need an permission to enter.

You can see our tour on Komoot.