The first time at 3770 meters (June 2023)

Pretty close to our nice place at Van Lake was the Süphan Mountain. It looked wonderful from down there and so we decided to climb up as far as we could. The summit was absolutely snow covered so we did not plan to reach it but still we wanted to go up, up, up.

Again we went up pretty fast and had a super nice time. After we had reached our highest point at 3770 meters, we were sliding down the steep gravel patches and snow fields and had so much fun.

In the meantime, Yolo took some rounds on the paddling board with Vrolex on the Van Lake. Vrolex was a very nice couple from Switzerland traveling in their van. And when they said that they were going in the direction of Georgia as well, we said that we should meet again there.

You can see our tour on Komoot.