First real life recovery of Rosinante

This was my first near desaster situation so far with Rosinante 🙃

The photos and videos can’t show how bad this situation was.

And maybe we were at a place where we weren’t allowed to be. I’m not sure.

And it started getting dark.

But I didn’t panic. I was very excited but still calm and concentrated ☯

But I didn’t manage to make proper photos or videos… Maybe next time.

What will be the next 4×4 adventure?I’m ready for it 🥳

The rescue of bugged down Rosinante!

We made it! 🥳
One of my brothers, his son and I went to Offroad Park Südheide and finally we got bogged down! 🎉

We used our shovel, the recovery pads and the winch to rescue Rosinante.

I think, I just wanted to use the winch so hard, that reducing the tyre pressure came to my mind after we made it out of the sand/ dirt. 😅

This was bloody fun and felt like playing in a big sandbox with big toys!
I love getting excited, having fun and learning something new so much… 💫

Thanks for the help to everyone and the Unimog as anchor point for the winch. 🤗

We did another round on the same spot with lower tyre pressure and after some attempts and hardening the sand we made it through.

Next time I won’t forget to put the safty damper pads on the winch rope…