In the Nemrut Crater with the “Bengel” (May 2023)

Because we had such a good time together, Cindy and I decided to travel together for some time and our next stop was the Nemrut Crater. It was a beautiful place!

We did some hiking on the edge of the crater in the rain, played with Yolo (the stray dog, Cindy had saved a couple of weeks ago), helped an elderly couple and their friend going up a small off-road track with their “off-road Sprinter van” we recovered together, and Cindy met a bear while peeing.

I started to call Cindy “Bengel”, a German word for “brat” but more nice and a bit funny and not so serious. But she did not like it because it was a word for a boy. But it just described her so well! She was always up to do something (sometimes silly), fearless, lovely and strong.