Having sex on a summit (May 2023)

I stayed in touch with Cindy (who I had met on Cyprus) and we said that we could meet again in the area of Van Lake. Because of my few visa days I had to rush east but when I was helping to build up the plantage (see the last post) Cindy messaged me that she wanted to climb up a mountain very close to my location. What a nice coincidence.

A super friendly old man recommended me a picnic area next to a creek and a bit later that day Cindy joined me with her van called Thor and Yolo, a puppy stray dog she had saved from starving a couple of weeks ago. It was super nice to see her again and spending time together felt instantly easy going, interesting and at the same time familiar.

In the creek was a tiny pond and when Cindy told me she was a nudist and wanted to take a bath in that pond naked, I joined her. Especially one part of me made it pretty obvious that I liked to see her (naked). This is a thing for me being naked: mostly me and my penis are living happily together but sometimes he has his own head. And that’s not the worst that could happen but I just don’t want to offend people. And I believe being not or just a little ashamed of being naked with other people is a very healing thing to do. But maybe not if a body part of another naked person is screaming at you: I’m sexualizing you.

In this case no offense was taken and maybe my penis did even help me at the right time to communicate what I wanted to communicate either way. After spending a great time together and having dinner, Cindy offered me that if it would get too cold in my car during the night, she’d be happy to welcome me in her car. It was pretty warm that evening but together it’s always warmer and sometimes even hot as much as it can get and so I happily joined her.

The next day we drove Rosinante as far up a mountain as we could and continued hiking up the mountain. In the evening, I had an online appointment with my Zen community and so we were not quite sure if we could make it to the summit and back in time.

But when we reached the upper part of the mountain the summit looked so nice and the way up there looked so exciting that we just kept going. The last part we had to climb and on the top we found a small ruin with a great view.

I don’t know why but before that day, I had never had sex on a summit. But it absolutely makes sense. The view is nice, the air is fresh, and there is this excitement and activation of the ascent. It’s perfect.

The whole hike was just perfect. We had a super good time and again we had the same pace in everything we were doing. I really loved this hike with this wonderful girl in this wonderful nature.