Help of locals and self made pickup cabin (March 2023)

After I dropped Serpentine at the Airport of Paphos, I continued my solo traveling and enjoyed a lot the music producing on the MacBook Air M1, Serpentine had brought me from Germany. Buying this laptop via Kleinanzeigen (a German online platform to sell and buy used stuff) really showed me how cheap special stuff is in Germany compared to other countries. I still think that it’s mostly not possible to get most things cheaper than in Germany. And without the help of locals this long time traveling would be a real pain in the ass.

One day I visited a Cypriot who I had met before on a beach. He helped me by giving me his address for shipping a silencer for my diesel heater from Germany to Cyprus. He had build his own pickup cabin and I’m always curious how people are doing it. I had even thought about building my own but now when offroading and feeling the power that my Hilux and cabin are enduring I’m pretty happy that I decided to by my Fernweh Mobil cabin.