Wonderful laguna in Croatia and clever brains trick everybody

I got to Croatia and found this wonderful laguna at the bottom of a very steep hill that is not reachable with every car. This spot was so beautiful. After crossing the border and a little bit of downhill in Buzet, I spent two days here in the sun, meet a diver, a nice english couple and actually I did a whole lot of nothing. Crazy. These rocky beaches are very cool and you can walk and climb these rocks for a long time. And the beaches are stone-flitsch-paradises! 🎉

The border of Croatia was the first with barriers and an officer. I was a little bit nervous because of the covid situation etc. but it was very cool and I had a long conversation about Croatia, Germany, luck, working on digital stuff, life and so on. Croatia feels really different to me. Not in a bad way. I can’t explain this feeling.

Before I got to Croatia, I thought that the parking situation would be easy here. Then I read a lot of comments about people getting fined in the Park4Night app. And although I understand why this make sense, it disappointed me and made me think. So I got into a swirl of negative thoughts about a whole lot of stuff and then… I escaped it. 💫

Again I learned more to go with what is right now and not what could happen and again I learned to see the things more as what they are. And again this concept got clear to me: we don’t perceive anything as it is. It’s more like that we are projecting a lot on the things before we perceive them but normally we don’t know about it and we are not recognizing this. So consciously we are only perceiving what got modified by our subconscious before we perceive it. Clever brain wants to save energy and prevent us from becoming mad because of to much input, but how many people got mad because of this clever concept?! 🤪🤣

Next post will be about offroading. 😳🚀