Visiting an alien plant planet

I didn’t know that there is an habitable planet and especially that he is so special and close to earth but at the end of March 2022 I visited him.

I’m driving down from the main road onto the dirt road that is supposed to lead me to the place were I will meet Tino again. Weeks ago we’ve met for the first time and by coincidence in Croatia on a abandoned military base. We got along very well and so we’ve met again in Albania and did some offroading and now I’m on the last kilometers to the spot he’s been living for some days in Greece.

The wind is blowing fiercely around and against Rosinante. Despite her 3,3 tons of weight, she’s tottering when a heavy wind gust hits her broadside. We are entering a small village which is located on a hillside that ends in the ocean. The street is getting more and more narrow and right next to a small chapel there is a car blocking the street. Because the last one hundred meters have been extremely narrow and steep, it would be troublesome to go reverse. I’m honking a few times, but nobody comes. So I’m taking my winter cap and wind blocking jacket and go out into the wind. The wind is loud in my ears and there is nobody to be seen. My callings get devoursed by the wind. Walking around on the private properties while searching for the driver of the parked car feels not very good. I try four doors and back yards, but I have no luck. So I go back to Rosinante and check how I can manage to drive her reverse through the tight and downhill corner. Out of nowhere a Greek man runs towards me and the parked car. He’s waving his hands and shouting something that I take for an apology. I’m saying “οκέι, οκέι”, but I don’t think that he can hear me. After the blockade has been cleared, I continuing my way down to the ocean.

I’m reaching the coast and a tiny harbour. But Tinos home is still a few kilometers away. It seems like these kilometers will be on a rocky gravel road along the coast. After entering this road, there is a fence gate blocking the road. The Greek use gates like these to keep their cattle from running away. I’m passing the gate and finally arrive on the alien planet. The whole scenery consists of so different but beautiful elements. All together they make a magnificent picture. The dark blue ocean is laying on the left. The wind is drawing interesting and ever changing patterns of waves on him. Next to the ocean is a rocky coastline in different shades of grey protecting the land from the ocean. The waves are getting smashed against the rocks and the spray gets tossed into the air. The land consists of healthy, fresh gras, flowers and green bushes. But the very special is, that the land is dotted by yellow bushes. The plants grow as far as they can up a slope. But at some point there is a massive cliff blocking them. The cliff is shining in different shades of ocher and brown. All together this scenery is just amazing! I continuing my way to the location Tino gave me and soon I see his car. I’m searching for a spot to park Rosinante and have to maneuver her on the narrow road, sharp stones until I found a good place for us.

Tino comes over from his car and I’m happy to see him again. We welcome each other and have a chat about this and that. He has the plan to investigate a nearby cave and I’m thankful for this adventure.