Together in paradise with Cori a very special friend

At the end of April 2022, I picked up a very special friend from the Athens Airport: Cori.

We got to know each other back in Hamburg, Germany at the end of August 2021, and from the first time we’ve met, we have a very special relationship. Our first conversation had been very interesting and intense. I think we are sharing much of the same values and a strong interest in a personal and spiritual development that leads to a more natural, healthy, and lighthearted life. This had brought us together in a wonderful and loveful spiritual, intellectual, and sexual way. In addition to that, our relationship is her and my first non-exclusive romantic and sexual. And what is more, it has been certain that I will start my potential never-ending worldwide nomadic life when we got to know each other.

So, you see, I would say it’s a very interesting relationship we share and until now, I’ve already learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences, that I would never exchange for anything.

For the last few years, I had the feeling that relationships could be more free, natural, and healthy than the romantic relationships of my past. I don’t know if non-exclusive relationships are just a way for me to not confront myself with topics I’m avoiding subconsciously, but for me, this way feels just better. Not because I want to have sex with many different people nor because I don’t care much for other people nor because I’m not able to love. Instead of this, for me, it feels mostly more honest and natural. “Honest”, because everything is ever-changing and why shouldn’t our existing relationships and the new ones we are creating be free to change into whatever feels right for all involved? For me, this way feels more natural, less demanding, less consensual, and encroaching. Not like I’m perceiving the stereotype of sexual romantic relationships that is proclaimed so often in a lot of influences surrounding us and our cultural heritage.

At the end of April 2022, Cori and I had not seen each other for about four months and it was wonderful to finally meet her again and feel her warm, playful, and wonderful soul and body. We left Athens as quickly as possible and headed for the big island Evia (also known as Euboea). On Evia, we drove the west coast south because I guessed, that especially the south of Evia is super nice and lonely. On our way to the south, we found this little paradise you see in the video. We spent a couple of days there and had a lot of fun hanging around in the sun, in the hammock, swimming, running, slacklining, talking, cooking, and a lot more. I felt really good, satisfied and like the things I’ve learnt in the last months really add something to my relationship with Cori. For the first time, I had the feeling that I was able to see and feel her mostly as the person she was instead of seeing and feeling what I wanted her to be.

Then one day, we had a conversation that I let myself affect in one of the most mentally challenging ways, I’ve ever experienced.

To be continued…