Exploring the mountains of northern Cyprus and Rosinante refused to let me in again (April 2023)

After exploring so much in the southern part I thought it would be time to explore more of the northern part. It was very beautiful and even though it had never been very cold on Cyprus, it felt like a real spring.

One day, after a hike, I was very tired but managed to fill up the fresh water tanks of Rosinante and made it to the supermarket. After that, I started searching for a new place to live in the mountains of northern Cyprus but I was not so lucky. It took more than an hour to find a nice spot and I felt super hungry when I finally found that spot.

So I got out of the drivers cabin and headed back to the door of the cabin on Rosinante’s back. When I put the key in the lock and tried to turn it, nothing happened. I tried different approaches but still: the door won’t open. I was tired, hungry, and the sun was burning, but I could not go in.

Luckily I had just put my groceries in the front and so I had a little snack in the shadow of a tree. After that I tried again to open Rosinante’s hatch, but had no luck. I called Benno, the super friendly engineer who had built the cabin and all her sisters and brothers. He had never heard about a case like this but in the end, together, we figured a way out how I could get in. So, I did it. I broke into my own home.