Exploring Georgia, Vrolex, Schlippky, and “Mission Package” (June 2023)

We explored some parts of Georgia and really loved it. Especially the bazaars in what looked like old airplane hangars were very interesting and it was exciting to check what the main national fruits etc. are.

We did develop a serious addiction to Shotis, a special bread the Georgians are baking in round clay ovens. After only getting the Turkish Ekmek which is basically air surrounded by a bit of dough, we loved the Shoti bread.

We met Vrolex again who we had met in Turkey at the Van Lake before and spent a nice time at the hot sulfur pool near Vani (see it on Google Maps).

We asked Cindy’s friends, who we had visited before in Georgia, if we could have a package sent to them from Germany and when they agreed we started ordering a lot of mountaineering and climbing stuff to my brother in Germany. My brother did an awesome job putting everything as small and light as possible in one package and we prepared the list for the customs control etc.

Our cooling box got the opinion that everything should be colder and started to freeze our vegetables. So we tried to repair it several times in different ways but we’re very convinced that its temperature sensor was broken. Unfortunately the package from Germany was already on its way so we couldn’t order a new sensor with that package.

And Isarne gifted us our new alien friend: the Isarne-Schlippky, a water kefir we now took care of and enjoyed drinking the “pee” it was producing.