Sand pyramids in Melnik, Bulgaria (June 2022)

After I had left Greece, I headed for one of the mountain areas in Bulgaria. I found a nice, calm, and cool spot next to a small chapel in Melnik.

Melnik is famous for the sand pyramids that stick out of the woods around that place. The hiking there was super easy and felt somehow unexcited. But not in a negative way. Just easily flowing. Through a dry river bed, up the hills, down the hills. Shadow, sun. I enjoyed it very much and had a good time there. My mind was pretty calm and I enjoyed that as well.

Especially the combination of green and ‘sand-yellow/ochre’ I liked a lot. It was such a nice contrast.

At my temporary home, I installed the spare parts for Rosinante’s electronics. Thanks again, Tino.

After some days I headed towards the bigger mountains. And these Bulgarian mountains… They are magical. And super beautiful. You’ll see…