Welcome to the magical mountains of Bulgaria (July 2022)

After the sand pyramids, I wanted to go to the high mountains again and so I headed to the mountain Bezbog.

The photos on Google Maps looked beautiful and so I was curious how it would be in real. I drove Rosinante all the way up to the Polezhan hut and from there on I lived at the small parking of the hut. The track up there got pretty offroady the last part, but no problem for Rosinante.

When I first got to the lake at the hut, I was deeply impressed by how beautiful and magical everything appeared to me. The photos can’t deliver that. It was super, super beautiful. Zauberschön, so to say. I felt like I had entered another world. A magical world up in the mountains. So green, fresh, and mystical. I loved it.

The next day I hiked on some of the summits in that area and while hiking I was flashed again and again by the beauty of these mountains. Before this hike, I never had seen lakes so high in the mountains. It felt like a different world, again. By the way: the theme melody of the first Jurassic Park movie somehow got stuck into my head. It kept repeating… all the way…

I can’t say what it is specifically that got me so moved. Maybe it’s the calm and somehow light appearance of these mountains. They are not so pompous as the Alps but still impressive, but not too impressive. They are just right and nice, at least for me.

All that beauty did flash everything of me. My mind was calm. Somehow calmed down by the impressions. I enjoyed that, as well.

And the magic mountain moments won’t end here, see the next post. It gets impressive…