An interview, a lot of Bo Staffs and goodbye Greece (June 2022)

After the insect situation was under control I was enjoying the beach life again and got to know very interesting people on a super cool beach near Thessaloniki.

Since my time on Evia, I got strongly into the Bo Staff training and because I always wanted to train the Kung Fu strikes, I thought about how I could get a real Kung Fu Bo Staff. After trying several shops and Kung Fu places, I finally searched for someone from Greece to order Bo Staffs from a Greek online shop to his address. I found Christias from Offroad Greece and he was super nice and helpful. In addition to that, I had Tino, a friend from Germany, sent some spare parts for Rosinante’s electronic systems to Christias. The package delivery system in Greece was somehow interesting or better to say: confusing to me. But when the stuff had arrived, Christias and I met and did an interview for Greece Offroad. It was very interesting and I had a lot of fun. It’s nice to talk with others about the things you like and do, right? It feels so affirmative 😁

The next day I felt like it was time to leave Greece and head to Bulgaria. The temperatures got pretty high and I was looking forward to lower food and especially diesel prices. But the main motivation was that after months of beach and some mountain life in Greece, I felt like exploring a different country, culture, and people would be super nice.

And I should be right, I can tell you that much as a teaser for the upcoming posts. It gets intense… ✨