First days of real beach life in vanlife paradise Greece

In the next blog posts I’ll cover what my journey was like until now. Right now this stuff is only on Instagram and as I described in my last post, I’m going to change that.

After my time on Corfu, I moved onwards to the mainland of Greece and I was very excited how living in a car will work out in Greece. I had no big worries and heard a lot of positive voices about it.

After two years of living in cars in Germany living in a car in Greece is totally different! In Germany you have to search for places where you have a lot of nature and not so many other people around. What is more, you can’t just park on a beach. You certainly won’t find much places where you can even get close to a beach with your mobile home. And in contrast to that, I just found this spot at the Gianiskari Beach in Greece. I was totally amazed and flashed.

For the most part, Rosinante and I were completely alone. The weather were just starting getting warmer and spring really started. The beach is pretty big and there are sand dunes were you can try some offroading skills. It has been the first time in real sand for me and Rosinante and we had a lot of fun.