I think, I wouldn’t risk it again

On that day in March 2022, it was on the edge of what Rosinante and I are capable of on our own.

At that time, I’ve been seeking situations like this. But that has been changed now. I wouldn’t risk damaging Rosinante so hard anymore. Maybe today, I wouldn’t go on that soap-like muddy road. I’m not sure. I think today, saving the money and enabling myself to live this free life for longer, would be more important for me than the kick of a recovery like this. But I don’t regret what happened and every time I remember this day, I have a smile on my face.

On that day passing the ditch Rosinante got stuck in later, has been no problem. But when I was maneuvering for a good position to go for the second one I needed every centimeter I could get on this soap like mud and took just one too many. Without the pretty distant tree as an anchor point, I would have had to dig the whole track or get some help. For the second ditch, there was no anchor point and so I did everything I could to prevent sliding into this one as well. And it worked out 🎉

Thanks @RonnyDahl for your offroad and recovery videos on YouTube, they are really good.

In situations like this, I don’t get mad or crazy but I get excited and kind of under pressure. But for me, it doesn’t feel like there is no hope left. It feels more like being afraid of doing something wrong.

Realizing feelings like that at the moment they occur helps me a lot to enjoy situations like that.