Croatian rock and sea planet drone video and we lost a comrade

I took some drone shots on the Croatian rock and sea planet I visited. It was super fun flying drone and this time I spent more time creating the background music with Korg Gadget 2 on my iPad.

But I’m very sorry to announce: We lost a comrade!

A couple of flights later “Droni” (my DJI FPV Drone) my small little comrade and recon drone who traveled with me in my “Ein-Raum-Schiff” (single room spaceship) Rosinante, suffered under technical problems, initiated the failsafe landing procedure, lost contact to her mothership and got lost in the vastness of rock planet. I started multiple rescue missions and searched hours after her. I tried to narrow down the search parameter as good as possible but I couldn’t find her. The terrain in which she did the failsafe landing is a worst case scenario for a search and rescue mission: it’s fucking steep, rocky, full of loose rocks, tight bushes and cliffs.

When I bought Droni, I got the DJI Care Refresh insurance and as soon as I lost all hope to find her, I contacted the DJI Support and they were damn friendly and fast. Two days after contact they finished my case and they will send me a new Droni (2) to my German address. Thanks a lot, DJI!