What a lost place: a night in Tskaltubo (July 2023)

The next day we went to Tskaltubo. What a place!

It’s an old, lost rehabilitation area from the Soviet times and it’s absolutely fantastic to visit it.

The whole area is as big as a small town and it’s full of abandoned buildings. Some of them are as big as hotels and some of them are not completely abandoned.

When we walked through one of these empty buildings out of the sudden one door opened and an elderly woman stepped out on the floor in front of us. Pretty exciting experience.

We parked Rosinante in the yard in front of one of the buildings and slept for one night in a kind of a big balcony.

When we were exploring this huge lost place, a real gang of stray dogs accompanied us. At times we had thirteen of these fellows with us. And everyone of them had thousands of parasite friends with him.

Before we left that place, Cindy cut the fur of one of them because he was towing a big bunch of it behind him and collected all sorts of stuff while doing so.

See it on Google Maps.