This tow truck is ridiculously small for Thor (July 2023)

After climbing we went back to Cindy’s friends who were living near Batumi to get Thor and continue our travels with both cars to the eastern part of Georgia.

But when Cindy started Thor up, his engine just stopped after driving two meters. For car travelers this is most likely the worst that can happen. The source of nightmares for some.

And especially when you love your car, your home as much as Cindy did. But Cindy was very brave. With the help of her friend we organized a tow truck. Cindy’s friend talked in Russian to the guys from the towing service to make sure that they understand how big and heavy Thor is.

But still they came with a small truck. For me imagining to put Thor on the back of this small truck was just a ridiculous idea.

In the beginning the guys from the towing service looked confident. And they did a very good job to pull Thor from his parking spot to the narrow street.

But then they started to pull Thor up on the back of the small towing truck. The small winch was crying and screaming while it pulled Thor up and my heart beat got a lot faster. Cindy started to laugh a lot more than usual and I got the impression she tried to calm her self down a bit that way.

When Thor was half way up on the towing truck the front wheels of the towing truck lost contact with the ground and the whole truck started rotating a bit to the side. It was ridiculous and interesting at the same time.

The guys from the towing service got less confident but after some adjustments they continued. The winch was screaming in almost surrender but finally the front wheels of the towing truck reached the street again, Thor was on the back of the towing truck and the wheels of the towing truck looked like they were only half way inflated.

The guys called their boss to make sure that they could drive that way. After a pretty long video call with a lot of pointing on the tyres and the towing truck with Thor on its back, we started our 40 kilometers trip following Thor in Rosinante.

It looked ridiculous. Even for Georgian standards. I mean these guys put a lot on their cars in very creative ways and nobody really takes notice of that anymore. It’s normal. But Thor on that truck caught some eyes in our way to the car garage.

The two guys from the towing service were super happy when we had reached our destination. And after half an hour of explaining what a receipt is and why we needed one, they left.

At the car garage they started analyzing what was wrong with Thor. But they did not find any reasons for Thor not starting up. But they contacted another car garage specialist on fuel lines and the whole fuel system. They made an appointment for us in about one week.