A solar storm and more in little Montenegro

I did not know much or anything about Montenegro. It’s a really small country with lots of mountains and fine it’s somehow cute.

I found this awesome spot that is not reachable with every car. At least I would not want to reach out with any car. But you never know: the locals are going all sorts of crazy tracks with there VW Golf, which are very popular here. After I arrived at this spot a storm started. My weather app claimed that there were wind gusts with about 81 km/h. When there storm started I decided to pull down the roof and this was as difficult as never before and a very good decision. Rosinante was shaking like a spaceship in a heavy solar storm!

Washing day and I knew that these ski sticks would come in handy for different use cases.

There is one main road going art the coast line and through wonderful small cities. Btw: 500GB mobile traffic cost 10€.

Montenegro means “Black Mountain” and I think the name fits quite well. The rocky mountains often have dark rocks and are covered with dark forests. It looks amazing. And in front of the small coastal road there are tiny isles with just a couple of houses or one church on them.

Offroading was a quite restricted and if I see a sign like this I take it serious. And I think that’s good because the road after the sign really got heavy as seen on the photos.

Taking the last part to the summit on foot through these foggy mountain forest was cool.

Above 1200m there was still snow and ice and some of the roads were blocked so hard by snow that going there was to risky for me or maybe even impossible.

So I decided to head on to Albania where a lot of offroad routes are below 1000m.