Snow paradise in the Black Forest

I’ve never-ending been to the Black Forest and didn’t know what to expect. This was so awesome!

The snow, the landscapes, everything. It felt like a super cool snow adventure and I was hiking, having a barbecue and playing in the snow and had just a great time.

Sometimes I was hiking to deep snow on tracks with pure, untouched snow:

What is more, I met super nice people, had great conversations about the Black Forest and how it is changing, wolfs, life and what it’s about and I even got mulled wine from some nice hikers.

The photos above are from the days after my first day there. The first day was really harsh, frozen and windy. In the night Rosinante was shaking because of the storm and when I got out to start my hike, it looked like this:

And the next days the sun came out, the trees were thawing and everything got even better! Listen to these sounds: