Pure love and minimalistic beach tent life (August 2022)

From the hill in the southern mountains of Bulgaria, I went to the Black Sea Coast and picked up Artha. Together we headed to a wonderful and lonely beach that Artha had visited before. And our time there was profound… Full of pure love and openness.

It felt super to meet Artha again. It was like we knew each other for years although we just had spent some hours together at the Beglika festival. The connection between us was just intense, warm, and deep.

I picked her up in a flat. A flat. That was the first time since Corfu that I was in a flat again. It felt weird. The strong walls. The distance to nature.

After a bit of offroading, we parked Rosinante and took a few kilometers walk to the beach we would call home for some days. We found an awesome spot at the beach, set up Artha’s small tent and that was everything we had to do. In addition to the tent, we only had our sleeping bags, sleeping mats, a hand full of clothes, some fruits, some nuts, and some water. And I brought my bo staff with me.

Since I saw the people camping in tents in Greece, I wanted to try it and here I was. At that lonely beach. Absolutely minimalistic. With a wonderful woman, I barely knew but at the same time, it felt like I knew her my whole life.

We had a gorgeous time together swimming naked in the ocean, meditating, doing yoga, walking, talking, and feeling. We just lived there together deeply connected, deeply loving each other. But not in the craving and sexual way. We had no sex or any contact in that direction. We just flowed with whatever was there. Life was pure, simple. We talked about everything and these conversations felt so profound and authentic… Like old friends we felt and knew what the other was about, if the other wanted some space for herself or felt like spending time together. This connection between us…

I loved her deeply and that deep love felt so different to me. It felt pure and unconditional. Like it always was there in my life and I just rediscovered it. And I felt not only giving and sharing this love in Artha’s direction. I felt that same love coming from her as well. I felt so purely loved… I don’t know… Maybe this love was just what humans are seeking: being so purely and unconditionally loved as you had been (or still are) by your mother. A love without concepts. One that is just there and will never cease. A marvelous love that feels like a companion that heals you.