My most beautiful spot in the mountains

It was the beginning of May 2022 after my tiny dream cove on Evia in Greece when I felt like I want to go hiking again.

I started from the dream cove and went into the central mountains in the north of Evia. After some offroad driving and trying different tracks, I found my most beautiful camp spot in the mountains! The track leading there has been tough, but Rosinate did very well. This place was very much isolated from everything and in the whole week I stayed there, I only saw one goatherd.

One day I recognized that the plastic of the cable protecting fusion leading to my charging booster for the batteries in the cabin had been melted. I guess there is always something to do. Even when living in a car. Every time something like this happens, I’m reminding myself that having less, especially sophisticated, stuff means fewer expenses and fewer things to handle.

I did a lot of walks to discover my surroundings, meditations, and bo staff training. One I went on a hike to the top of a nearby mountain and the view has been fantastic.

From its summit, I had a great view of the biggest mountain on Evia. It’s called Dirfi and is my next destination.