Living and learning to swim at my tiny dream cove

At the end of May 2022, it was time for my last awesome beach on Evia in Greece.

This one was like a little bathtub in the ocean filled with crystal clear water, fish, and surrounded by rocks. It was great and from time to time some locals came by. Some fishermen gave me fresh fish and I trained to prepare them.

At that time, I decided to improve my swimming skills and so I started watching YouTube videos about proper breaststroke techniques and learning these techniques. Before, my swim style had been… I would say: underdeveloped. I learned a bit freestyle as well but I still prefer the breaststroke because with this one it’s cooler to dive for a short period and then swim again. And it’s more comfortable to watch the fish while swimming.

If you want to have a quick look at the breaststroke technique, check out these videos:
Breaststroke Swimming :: The 5 most important things
How to swim: Breaststroke

The next post will be about trouble in paradise!