Friends and another way of overlanding on Corfu in Greece

I made my way to Corfu to visit Natalia a friend from the time where I have been studying in Magdeburg, Germany. We haven‘t seen each other for about 20 years and barely had contact at all. But when I saw that she just moved to Corfu with her boyfriend Petrus, I thought visiting her would be fun. It was kind of funny to meet after such a long time and we had a great time.

I lernt a lot about Corfu and Greece and met other friends of Natalia and Petrus. We went for dinner, in a bar, around Corfu town and had a dinner at Ines place. Ines is a friend of Natalia and Petrus that has three dogs and about seven to twenty cats (twenty because two of the cats a pregnant).

Corfu town is really beautiful and the small streets are like a labyrinth. Even with a postal address, I can’t find places there. The only way to find places for me is via Google Maps markers. And the locals go that way, too. It’s quite a miracle that the package that Thomas (a friend from Germany) send for me to Natalia arrived. In the package there was the new drone from DJI and a 360 degree action cam.

Overlanding is different on Corfu because as an island it’s more compact. I think in the summer season it will become really crowded with tourists everywhere. And on Corfu you really never know what happens if you go for remote beaches! One time I got lost in an olive farm and the other time I did some of the most difficult offroading so far when it comes to stone steps. In Corfu there are a lot of beautiful places and definitely recommend going there.