Back in Katshki and lovely new friends (October 2023)

We went back to Katskhi for some more climbing and it was awesome as always! We met Lasha, a Georgian Climber, climbed together and shared our meals. Cindy and I did a small hike in that area and visited the small chapel on the stone pillar.

And this time our visit of Katskhi was very special because we met our lovely friends Adela and Alvaro for the first time. At a rainy day, Cindy knocked at the door of tha van and from there on we did a lot of climbing together, played a lot of Exploding Kittens and had so much fun. Spending time with them was just hilarious!

After Katskhi, Racki and I went again to Sveri for some climbing. Adela and Alvaro joined us and together we enjoyed the Via Ferrata with the magnificent swing. It was my third time, but it was again awesome!