Fixing Rosinante in the darkest car garage (October 2023)

It was pretty wet and got colder in Georgia and we started to use Rosinante’s diesel heater.

In Sveri I noticed that the connection of the cable connecting the starter battery in Rosinante’s engine bay with the charging booster in the cabin was broken. Without fixing it we were not able to charge the batteries in the cabin while driving. And our solar panel was not strong enough to compensate our electricity needs.

So we went to the next bigger town Kutaisi and searched for a car garage that was willing to lift the cabin from our pickup.

At one point I really got annoyed! We asked two garages with a four-point-car-lift to lift our cabin from the pickup but they refused because they never did something like that. That felt absolutely German to me and I got pissed.

After continuing our search we drove into an old hangar. It was absolutely dark in there. We needed Rosinante’s headlights to drive into it and searching for a mechanic. We found a very nice and helpful guy who lifted the cabin and never got tired of assisting us.

In the photos the place seems to be not very dark but it was. It felt like working underground and we were thinking how it must be to work in that dark all day.