Feeling bored and lonely but hey: two egg yolks in one egg and Zen (February 2023)

Although I was living at so many wonderful places and met a lot of people I felt very bored and lonely these days.

I felt disconnected and bored. Nothing was enough and everything felt “not really right”. The typical human thing, I’d say.

I met a lot of different people, connected with some Rainbow people, chatted with friends, went to a carnival in Limassol, a techno club Nicosia, and in just a few weeks one of my best friends from Germany would come to visit me on Cyprus but still I felt not “good”.

I continued my meditation routine and my online meetings with my online Zen Sangha and despite all the things I learned and had realized I still felt “crooked” and not “right”.

But at some point I could somehow accept whatever was going on with me and although there was something weird in the “background of my mind”, I enjoyed a lot of things. Big and small like these two egg yolks jumping out of an egg.